Maharaj Traders

About Us

Himadri procurement

Maharaj Traders is a food processing company promoted by Mr. M.Baskar group who has nearly five decades of experience in spices. Maharaj has been promoted with the sole aim of manufacturing quality Spices products and other Food items which are of traditional south Indian tastes for the benefit of all segments of consumers in India and around the world. Maharaj Traders products are the result of committed effort in research and quality control to give superior healthy foods that are natural and tasty.

Himadri Quality Check

Best varieties of all the spices viz. Turmeric, Red Chilli, Coriander Seeds, Pepper, Cumin Seeds, Fennel seeds etc. are procured from the respective markets and stored in cold storage and /or well maintained godowns. Pure and Natural ingredients for the Masala powders are blended perfectly to match the expectations of old grandmas and young mums. Maharaj Masala products add further flavor to the tasty preparations. Quality is given the utmost importance at Maharaj. The commitment to quality runs through the entire post-production as well. The packaging is done in a colorful and attractive multilayer film that retains the freshness and flavour for a long period. Besides, the packing machinery used is World-renowned which gives the packet a beautiful finish with perfect sealing on all sides.